I'm on the Saffron Road

And I don't know where it goes

I'm making ground

Without a sound


I am walking the Saffron Road...

Saffron Road is such a beautiful album. You really pick up where Steve's heart is from the lyrics. If you haven't caught up with Steve's music yet, do give this album a listen. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

From the transcendental Saffron Road  to the haunting It Is to the funk of Fake News, the jazzy licks of Slow it Down and the thought provoking Bring It Home to name but five. Every track is a stand alone gem. Well done Steve!!

Ray Yates

May I recommend the outlandishly talented Steve Jeffery's latest musical offering? This is a work of exquisite beauty, offering peace, joy, hope and, most of all, love in a time when we perhaps need it most. Please have a listen. You can thank me later...

Dr. Martyn Smith

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saffron road cover