September 2019:


International Radio Stations have been playing Saffron Road.

Thanks to Radio Octaaf Amsterdam and Nick Prince at Swinging Radio England.

Nick will be playing a track from the You Found Me Album in November 2019.



December 2017



Steve had written some songs and was toying with the idea of recording them himself at home.  However, due to his ever-increasing work schedule, he knew that this would probably never happen!  "I need someone to produce this record..." he thought to himself.  In 2002, he had worked with Simon Goodall on "Another Sky" so he came to mind, but as Simon is no longer based in the locality, Steve looked for someone nearer to home.

Steve had been listening to the songs of Richard Lane and was enjoying his new album "Out of the Shadows".  He loved the songs, the arrangements and the sensitivity within the vocals. He linked with Richard on Social Media (believing that he was living in Singapore).  Through their communication it came to pass that Richard's mother went to the school in which Steve currently works, and in fact, Richard was currently living about 20 minutes down the road!  This was meant to be!

In June 2017, Richard and Steve met at the Niltava Music Recording Studio for the first time.  Steve shared some of his song ideas and this is when Steve realised that he had found the perfect producer.  Steve writes:

"I had written the title track, Saffron Road.  I wanted the listener to be transported to smell the air, hear the people and feel the atmosphere of this deeply spiritual place.

Richard started exploring different sounds and improvising melodic ideas that were to become the stunning introduction of Saffron Road - the very opening of my new record.  I was blown away.  Richard had listened to me and understood me.  The way he realised  (and enhanced my ideas) blew me away and continued to do so throughout the whole recording process.  It was an honour and privilege to work with Richard.  Every session was a delight and he worked so hard at every stage of the recording.  I am so thrilled that we met on the Saffron Road."

This new record will showcase ten new songs.  All have been written by Steve except for Bring it Home, written by Annie Whitchurch.  Steve writes, "Annie and I worked together on the middle section, but my input was not significant enough to give myself a writing credit!  This is pure Annie and I am thrilled to be able to include this beautiful song on my record."

Richard arranged all songs and played most of the instruments.  He brought together some great session guys too - Marty Walsh - guitar solos (Supertramp), Scott Gilman - saxophone (Foreigner), Danny Fong and Sam Robson.

Saffron Road will be launched in March 2018 and will be available as a CD and through all well-known digital distributors.

I wanted the listener to be transported to smell the air, hear the people and feel the atmosphere of this deeply spiritual place.

Steve Jeffery