It can still be a GOOD morning.

Yesterday morning, the wind was howling and the rain was torrential. I had to brave the storm as Martha needed a walk. She hates the rain, but she was fed up sitting at home watching it drive against the window. She needed to get out there.

We headed to the beach. It was wild out there. The sea was high and very rough and the rain was like needles when it hit my face. The cold wind attacked my face and hands and Martha looked at me inquisitively - "Why are we doing this?" Typical! I was only there because she needed a walk.

We bumped into an elderly gentleman. He was out with his dogs. He recognised our combined madness and talked about his love for his dogs. He moaned about the weather and how he had been drenched for the last four days after walking the dogs in the pouring rain. "It blows the cobwebs away!", I said. He looked at me rather intensely and said that he would do his best to hold onto that positive thinking. "This is our life", I said. "Weather like this always reminds me that I am alive!" He laughed and went on his way.

Moments later, I met a lady with her dog. "Morning!", I said, cheerily. "You were right to forget the 'Good'!", she said.

I laughed.

That interaction stayed with me for the remainder of our freezing and drenching walk. I understood exactly what that lady was saying and she clearly had a point. The weather was hideous. However, that morning and that moment should still be good. In that moment, I was alive, with my beautiful dog, walking along a very beautiful coastline in the open air. Apart from struggling with painful sciatica, I was able to walk - a little slower at the moment. I was heading back to a warm house and would enjoy a warming coffee and some lunch. Everything about that moment was good and everything thereafter was good. Soon after, I did find out that my mother was very poorly. That was not good and is not good, but even on those moments I can focus on the positivity of praying for and caring for my mother. Focusing in on the excellent treatment she is receiving from the medical profession - focusing in on the fabulous relationship I have with my parents and remembering what wonderful parents they are. So, from now on, I will not drop the "Good" part of that greeting. It will be like a meditation bell - reminding me of all that is good in my life. Reminding me to be grateful.