It Is

I have been reading books and engaging with Apps that promote peaceful living - focusing in on the now moment and not allowing oneself to be transported into stressful thoughts of the past or future. I gained some energy and support from these helpful texts but I still had a long way to go to truly live in the now, facing all that life offers without finding myself consumed by stress and anxiety. As I continued to develop this thinking - through taking time to be still and to acknowledge the variety of daily experiences as "life", I started to understand that most of my fears and anxieties came from my own thinking - creating scenarios or reading into what may not even be there in reality. Worrying about what people might think of me - driven to impress myself and others and desperately afraid of failure. Different events in my life and also around the world were certainly adding to my fears and concerns and gradually but surely pulling me into a pit of depression. During this time, I felt a little lost, like I was under water and not able to swim to the top. I could see the light on the surface, but however hard I tried to swim to the top, I just could not achieve getting there - taking that refreshing breath at the top. Two words flashed across my eyes...

It Is

I pondered these two little words for some time. What did it mean? Why were they shown to me? I found the answer that I was looking for. I began to understand that "It Is" was key to me becoming more at peace with this life. When good and bad things happen to me, I need to acknowledge them as happening - not as events that are going to consume me or stress me out or take away my peace - this is life. I am going to walk through them and acknowledge them. It is my life. It is happening - but I shall continue walking onward.

One evening, I decided to write some lyrics for a song that I hoped would express this "It Is" mindset. It has now been recorded and will appear on my new Saffron Road album (released March 2018).

The hand-written lyrics are shown below.

The chorus repeats, "It is" over and over again - like a mantra.

Whenever life attempts to take away my peace, I shall come back to that mantra - "It is" - acknowledge that it is there and carry on walking. Breathe and breathe and breathe. It is. It is.