Saffron Road: Digital Release

My latest studio album was released across numerous digital platforms this morning. Saffron Road has been nine months in the making - a fairly normal gestation period!

Ten new songs - nine of which were written by me and one (Bring it Home) was written by my great friend, Annie Whitchurch. This new collection of songs were written in various locations - here in Sussex, in Bruton, Somerset and in Seville, Spain.

Producer, Richard Lane brought together some great musicians to join him in his greatness - he's quite a talent - and plays most of the instruments on this record. It was great to have Marty Walsh (Supertramp) on guitar, Scott Gilman (Foreigner) on Soprano Sax and Danny Fong, Sam Robson and Sarah Haynes joining Richard on backing vocals.

Saffron Road was mixed by Maor Barazani at Maor Sound, Haifa, Israel and mastered by J P Braddock at Formation Audio Ltd, Nottingham (UK)

Saffron Road is available through numerous digital platforms including: