Stories behind the Songs:Go with the flow...follow the glow...

Saffron Road

I was reading The Saffron Road by Christine Toomey. One of the reviews of the book states,

"There are lessons for life on every step of The Saffron Road...Fortunate is the reader who follows"

Peter Stothard

Toomey takes us on a 60, 000-mile odyssey, tracing the routes by which Buddhism spread from a solitary order in India in the 5th century BC, via the Beat generation of 1950s San Francisco, to the globally renowned practitioners of mindfulness of today. On her journeys through the Himilayas,

Burma, Japan, and on to North America and Europe, she meets "king fu" nuns and opens the door to a rarely glimpsed world of ritual, discipline and enlightenment.

I fell in love with that title - The Saffron Road. It is exotic, colourful, fragrant and spiritual.

For me, it became symbolic for the "spiritual life". The journey into the unknown, the divine, the Oneness, the other-worldly, mindfulness, meditation, selflessness, love and so on.

I sat down and wrote the song...thinking about my own life - my own spiritual journey, which has developed and progressed over the years. "I'm on the Saffron Road, and I don't know where it goes...but I'm making ground without a sound. I am walking the Saffron Road...." It kind of wrote itself...words came flooding in and the melody came instantaneously. "Go with the flow - follow the glow" - I liked those words....the flow of the spirit? Following the heart? Being in the Light...

I wanted to capture the atmosphere of Nepal....there with the people...chatting, washing clothes...

When I first met Richard Lane (Producer), I shared this with him. Within minutes, he was finding sounds and recording ideas which actually became the introduction as you hear it on the album. He interpreted my ideas perfectly. I knew at that moment that I had found an extraordinary producer and the perfect collaborator for this project.

I was thrilled to have Scott Gilman (Foreigner) play soprano saxophone on this song. He literally soars and captures the spirit of this song.

Richard played everything else - amazing, right? His backing vocals are beautiful too....very Brian Wilson, I think.

Thank you for joining me on the Saffron Road.

Each step is a lesson.

Breathe and feel the ground beneath your feet.