Saffron Road is a deeply personal record. These songs are a collection of my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences and philosophies. Written in isolation and recorded with only a small group of people, it is impossible to know if anyone else is going to like the songs - or if the songs are going to resonate with the listener in any way. Writing songs is more about the need to be creative, to express something that has been taking over your thoughts for too long! Recording those songs is rather like putting paint on a canvas. The ideas are all there but there's this drive to make them public - to enable others to experience what has been distracting you for so long. 

If took me 9 months to make Saffron Road. Once it was time to give birth to this baby, I started to doubt the record. Why would anyone want to hear these offerings? Why would anyone relate to my own stories, thoughts, feelings etc? 

I must say that these recent reviews have been heart-warming and energising. They have reminded me of the importance of music and the medium of song. The marriage of words and music and the power therein. These songs have resonated with people and that is truly glorious news. 

Connected seems to be connecting with many. I'm so pleased about that. It's an important song for me and certainly one of my most favourite lyrics. Written on my birthday last year in Seville. 

Some people have been asking about the meaning behind some of the lyrics in the songs on this album...and the inspiration behind them. I am going to add more information about each song on my website, so do watch this space. 

Well, here's to some more 5 STAR ⭐️ reviews! 

Cheerio for now