The Sea Makes Me Cry

So, we have started a new year - which always provides me with a creative burst. What am I thinking about in 2019? What do I want to express?

Well, I have recently moved house and live very close to the sea in West Sussex. I have always enjoyed walking along the beach - and of course, Martha loves it there. The sea gives me a sense of perspective and often shrinks my concerns down to size when I look upon the vast ocean and sense its power.

More recently, I have ventured down to the shore and cried. I am still grieving after losing my Mother in January 2108 and I find that standing before the sea makes me cry! I started to ask myself why....and often, when I am asking myself questions, the answer(s) comes through a song.

I was watching a music documentary around Richard Lane's house and this guy talked about a difficult period in his life, describing it as hearing "a low hum constantly"....those words leapt at me.....I grief had been exactly that...a noisy low hum...ever-present. I sat down at the piano and started singing..."I've been hearing a low hum for sometime now....". As soon as I sang that line, the rest of the song flowed....effortlessly actually. Effortlessly because this was what I needed to express in my first song of 2019.

And so, "The Sea Makes Me Cry" was born. I'm happy with it - very happy in fact. It will certainly be the start of a new album which I shall work on this year - writing and recording as I go along. Richard Lane will produce once again. I am very glad about that.

I've posted a demo of the new song - very rough...just me and the piano...recorded straight after finishing it in my Music Room. It's on my facebook page: